Can I ask for more money from my insurance company if I need it later after I settled?

Balancing The Account By HandThe answer to that, generally, is no. If you signed a release and settled the claim then the personal injury case is closed.

If you signed a compensation release that is all encompassing, one that includes your injuries and future care, then you may have little to no options for seeking additional compensation. However, in limited circumstances, there is the option of drawing up an agreement in which a particular part of your damages is held open for additional compensation but very clear terms would have to be expressed.

A personal injury attorney will be able to work directly with you on these issues to ensure that the best course of action is taken before you settle your claim with an insurance company.

An insurance company usually wants to resolve all possible claims at one time so that they can clear their books of any remaining obligations left open. So it’s important when you settle to realize that you might be closing the door on additional compensation for that accident.

Your case is unique and you deserve the full amount of compensation for all your damages. Don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer to guide you through the personal injury settlement process.

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