What are the steps I should take after I am injured in an accident?

When someone is injured in an accident (car crash, dog bite, etc.) one of the first things they should realize is that it needs to be reported. Make sure that you contact the proper authorities, and be sure to- report it to your insurance carrier so they’re on notice of the accident. If you’re hurt, it’s important that you get medical attention as soon as possible so that you have an understanding of what the nature of your injury is and can be treated appropriately.

You should also make sure that the incident and your injuries are both well documented—whether that means taking photos at the scene, making sure that you keep receipts of any of your medical expenses, or tracking other out of pocket costs. It’s very important that we have documentation of what it is you have suffered in terms of the nature of the accident and the nature of the injuries.

And, finally it’s important that you cooperate with your own insurer to the extent that you provide them information with what they need. You have a contract with your own insurance company that usually provides that you will cooperate with them; you don’t want to forfeit any coverage for failure to cooperate.

Then, of course, it’s important that you contact an Anchorage personal injury lawyer if you’re unsure about what you should be doing. We can help in speaking even with your own insurer versus the other person’s insurer and make sure that everything is properly documented and reported.

If you have more questions concerning an accident occurring in Alaska, contact the personal injury attorneys Kelley & Canterbury LLC today for guidance.