What is a Seawolf?

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UAA Seawolves | Anchorage, AK Personal Injury Attorney | Kelley & Canterbury LLCAs proud supporters of the University of Alaska-Anchorage, we have always wondered, along with many Anchorage citizens, what in the world is a Seawolf?

Luckily for you and I, the UAA athletics site has answered the question.

The Seawolf we all know and love is the mascot for UAA athletics. According to the Seawolves’ official site, the name represents a mythical creature that, according to Tlingit Indian legend, brings good luck to anyone fortunate enough to ever see it.

The exact nature or shape of the Seawolf, however, is left to the imagination. The creature has been depicted in many forms throughout the years.

So, how did the green, doglike creature we see today become the face of the Seawolf and UAA? The logo was designed and introduced in 1985 by Clark Mishler & Associates in cooperation with a university committee. It represents an adaptation of a more traditional Alaska totemic-like characterization of the mythical Seawolf.

One more fun fact about the UAA mascot: UAA squads were originally known as the Sourdoughs, but the university adopted the Seawolf in 1977 when the school’s athletic program rose to the NCAA Division II level.

Oh, and just in case the history of the Seawolf moniker wet your appetite for UAA symbolism trivia, check out the school’s fight song, a rock ballad chiming with the green and gold.

From all of us at Kelley & Canterbury LLC, we hope you support our local university athletics, wear the green and gold, and cheer on the Seawolves proudly as they take the ice, the court, and the field.

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