I highly recommend Michaela Canterbury! After my car accident I couldn’t imagine dealing with car insurance investigators while also dealing with my injuries. Michaela and her staff handled everything and kept me informed of the case progress every step of the way. Michaela took care of the insurance company so I could focus on healing.


“Mr. Canterbury was a pleasure to work with. From his experience in the law field to his straight forward attitude. I walked away with a very sweet taste in my mouth. I would recommend his firm to anyone that is considering his expertise. Feel free to contact me if you have any question regarding my experience.”

Matt C.

“Your firm handled my case with the utmost professionalism. The entire process and resolution became seamless. I will highly recommend K&C to anyone who needs legal advice.”

Ryan B.

“I enjoyed working with you. You made the time fun and enjoyable to be with you. You always greeted people with a smile. I would use you again if I need a Lawyer. Thank you for the time that I had to work with all of you.”

Kori M.

“This may be a first, but I am writing this review because I was sued by Kelley & Canterbury for a car accident I was involved in. When Mrs. Canterbury did my deposition, she was the most pleasant, yet thorough, person I have ever encountered. Throughout the deposition (which took 4 .5 hours), she was consistently polite, despite my every attempt to avoid answering her questions or give basic answers. I was very impressed. If I ever need to hire an attorney due to an accident, Kelley & Canterbury will be my first call.”

Bailey M.

“I was injured in a car crash in 2012. The insurance company said that I wasn’t hurt and only offered me $5,000, despite my medical bills exceeding $20,000. When I realized that I wasn’t going to be able take care of the case myself, I started researching lawyers. I was so fortunate to stumble upon Kelley & Canterbury and their cute commercial on TV.

When I called their receptionist, she set up an appointment with Chris, right away. Although, I have had bad experiences with lawyers in the past, when I met with Chris, he didn’t seem like the other lawyers I had dealt with. He was very patient, thorough, inquisitive and funny. He made me feel like he actually cared about what I was saying and how much pain I was in. He told me that they would do everything they could to make sure that the other driver’s insurance company made a fair settlement offer and that we wouldn’t have to go to trial.

After I hired them, I met Michaela. Let’s just say that if Chris changed my opinion of attorneys, Michaela sent me into another dimension where attorneys are like unicorns…haha. Maybe a little exaggerated, but you get the point.

The best part about hiring Kelley & Canterbury was that after I hired them, I knew everything was going to be ok, and it was. We ended up settling my case. Because of the settlement, all of my bills were paid and I was able to use the money I received to a much needed relaxation vacation with my husband. I know not everyone is as fortunate as I was, but if you hire Kelley & Canterbury, you will give yourself a good chance and even more important, you won’t have to worry about a thing.”

Kaylen M.

“Kelley & Canterbury is awesome. Besides being a super cute couple with super cute kids, Chris and Michaela are smart, funny and great lawyers. It’s too bad they only do personal injury (which they are great at), because I would recommend them, or hire them, for every single legal situation I was involved in. Do not hesitate to call them, their secretary is very smart and friendly and will schedule a time to meet with them as soon as she can. They are very busy (due to them being very good lawyers, therefore having a lot of clients). Don’t let that stop you from calling. They’re good people.”

Laurie A.

“We worked with Chris Canterbury regarding a car crash. Chris was AMAZING!! He took so much of the stress and pressure off of me & my husband. He and his staff were amazingly easy to work with. I have and will continue to recommend Chris and his entire team to anyone looking for a good lawyer. Thank you Chris!”

Melissa D.

“I had the fortune of hiring Kelley & Canterbury to represent me in a difficult situation in my life. At the time, I had been charged with DUI and something else (can’t remember what) because of car accident. In the crash, my wife was injured and my car rolled on its top and was totaled. It was a complicated case for several different reasons, including the allegations that I was drunk when I wrecked the car. I anticipated that I would have to plead guilty to something that I didn’t think I did.

Unbeknownst to me, I ran into some friends at Fred Meyer that ended up referring me to hire Kelley & Canterbury. (I only say where because it is so vivid in my memory). I ended up hiring Kelley & Canterbury to represent me. Chris handled most of the case and he went above and beyond any expectations I could have ever have had.

Due to the complicated nature of my case, Chris saw an opportunity that I think most, if not all, other attorneys would have missed. Chris filed a motion to suppress evidence that was obtained illegally because I was arrested prematurely (without proper evidence).

After filing the motion and briefing the issue, Chris went to a hearing with the prosecutor and the judge. According to him, he pulled off some “cagey lawyering,” which WON!!! Winning that motion crippled the prosecution’s case against me.The prosecutor threatened to file an appeal to address the judge’s order on the motion.

It was at that time that Chris did what I now know is where the cream separates itself. Chris happened to see the prosecutor out and about while he was running errands…and while I don’t remember exact details, I do remember that Chris took the opportunity to get a little chummy with him but avoided discussing the case altogether. Sometimes, the little things, the things you wouldn’t even consider, are what make the difference. Just a couple days later, the case was dismissed by the prosecutor. It was one of the best days of my life (sad life?) and I will never be able to repay them for doing that for me.

Although it is my understanding that they are not taking criminal cases at this time, the effort Chris and Michaela put into my case to win it, is a great example of the effort and compassion they will put into whatever case they are hired for.”

Leonard J.

“I more than appreciated the stellar service I received from Kelley & Canterbury! It is obvious my attorney has a deep understanding of the law but also other insurance companies, the court system, and how things generally go in personal injury cases. Michaela made sure I understood what to expect for the long process ahead of us but even more important, she was empathetic to what I was going through post-accident. Michaela and her staff were extremely patient with me as I posed my questions throughout and they always followed through on what they promised. Always.

Having never been through a personal injury case before I didn’t know what to expect a far as the process but also, what would be a reasonable settlement. They helped me to understand all of it and helped me arrive at a fair settlement amount. Michaela advocated for me as if I were a member of her family. I think it’s because she truly cares about people; their suffering and loss, not just the eventual pay day.”

Alison A.

Margie and I were in a predicament, she had contracted Gillian Barre and was paralyzed. In the stress and distraction of the hour, and the mounting medical bills, I was unsure where to turn. The staff of Kelly and Canterbury brought hope during the time when we believed we had been injured, and no one cared.I would recommend this firm to anyone who needed an advocate in the legal system.

Margie L.

Michaela Canterbury exceeded all my expectations with her knowledge and professional work ethics. Over 10 firms had turned my case down and I was ready to give up. Mrs. Canterbury was able to help me process memories and emotions that might have been overlooked and always had a lighthearted approach with good humor that lifted my spirit. An excellent team bar none!


“Chris and Michaela Canterbury are two of the most compassionate, knowledgeable and personable people I have ever known, and especially great as attorneys go. When it comes to personal injury, they ensure that their clients are informed and understand the many different factors that can influence their case. I have found that their staff is always delightful and take care to provide any information that is helpful and available.”

Matthew B.

“I recommend Kelley and Canterbury LLC for your needs without any reservations! Kelley and Canterbury LLC Personal Injury attorneys were the ONLY attorneys who were willing to even talk to me regarding my case. This is of particular importance because I had a documented case of injury caused by another party/company and yet none of the many personal attorneys in Anchorage, AK were even interested in hearing about the events. Kelley and Canterbury gave me an appointment and heard me out in detail and agreed that they would represent me. This is important because the person/company that caused damage to me was in a position to hurt others as well. The attorneys as well as the support staff at Kelley and Canterbury were very understanding of the issues and tailored their appointments to suit my availability and convenience. The attorneys were able to guide me through the process and allowed me to make knowledgeable decisions about the case every step of the way. Ultimately, after two and a half years, when I was out of the State, during the case settlement process, they kept in touch with me and guided me through every step — all the way to a settlement which was acceptable to all.

Thank you, Kelley and Canterbury! I wish there were more attorneys like you!”

Abi C.

After a recent auto accident I was getting nowhere with the insurance companies, bills weren’t being paid promptly and collection notices were coming in .I contacted Kelly and Canterbury to help with my situation, Chris was very helpful and got a quick result and a nice settlement for our family. I Highly recommend the Kelly and Canterbury Firm for your personnel injury accident needs. Thanks again Chris.


“I am not sure how I stumbled upon this particular review website, since I was simply looking more Kelley & Canterbury’s phone number. Nevertheless, I was shocked to read [name not specified] review of Kelley & Canterbury and felt compelled to respond.

First, [name not specified] seems to imply that practicing law is easy. If that’s the case, why didn’t he/she just settle the case on their own, or better yet, sue the person that hit him/her? Probably because its not that easy. Obviously no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement, but I can assure you that Kelley & Canterbury has been practicing injury law long enough to know what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to handling your case.

Kelley & Canterbury is exceptional. If there is one thing every person involved in a personal injury case should know, it’s that legal cases can take a long time to process, especially in cases with complications such as preexisting conditions, low impact collisions, complicated injuries or just because the insurance company thinks its a good case to fight. Regardless, if you hire Kelley & Canterbury, you can rest assured that they will make sure that you are fully informed and that you’re rights are protected every step of the way, not to mention that Chris is very smart, funny and kinda cute.”

Laura W.