Fire Island Wind Farm Work Injury

Fire Island Wind Farm | Anchorage, AK Personal Injury Attorney | Kelley & Canterbury LLCAlthough wind has been used as a power source for centuries in Alaskan waters, only recently has it been harnessed as a source of electricity generation.

On Fire Island, located near the head of the Cook Inlet, 11 wind turbines began feeding into the Anchorage electrical grid.

With these incredible machines comes a new source of jobs for many Anchorage, Alaska, residents. Unfortunately, the heavy machinery, immense structures, and dangerous equipment make the wind farm on Fire Island an easy place to become injured while working.

If you have been injured while working at the wind farm on Fire Island, or another wind farm in Alaska, you are likely confused as to who can help you secure the compensation you deserve, especially if you are forced to miss work.

We understand your fear and frustration, and want to help you get the compensation you deserve after an injury at the wind farm.

The experienced Anchorage personal injury attorneys at Kelley & Canterbury, LLC will fight for your rights as an employee and Alaska citizen. We will work alongside you to fight for the compensation you need and deserve after your injury to counteract the time away from work and impending medical bills.

If you have been injured working at the wind farms on Fire Island, be sure to reach out to an Anchorage firm you can trust. Contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at Kelley & Canterbury, LLC today for the care and guidance you need and deserve.