Anchorage, AK Truck Accident Attorneys

KC1Imagine you are driving home with your loved ones on Glenn Highway. Perhaps your kids are quietly asleep in the car, or your friends are singing along to the newest hit on KGOT.

You barely notice that a semi truck is driving very close to you on the three-lane highway. The truck abruptly swerves in your lane; and in the blink of an eye, your peaceful drive on Glenn Highway has turned into a life-changing truck accident.

Truck accidents in Anchorage can be devastating. The large truckloads can cause greater damage than a mere car accident and leave you and your loved ones severely injured. The recovery may take time, and medical bills can pile up quickly.

Aside from the pain and exhaustion from recovering physically, a truck accident in Anchorage can leave you with a great deal of uncertainty. You may be concerned about the rest of your loved ones, overwhelmed with the loss of your working salary, and confused about why this accident happened.

At Kelley & Canterbury LLC, it is our job to alleviate the pain caused by these insecurities. Our truck accident attorneys will work diligently to find out what caused this accident and fight to give you the compensation that you deserve.

The truck driver may have been aggressive, drowsy, or intoxicated while driving. The driver may have had little experience driving a semi truck. The truck may have had mechanical defects or an overweight load. No matter the reason, our truck accident attorneys will hold the negligent driver accountable, and work to provide you with the losses sustained.

After a truck accident, you shouldn’t have to work through this alone. At Kelley & Canterbury, we want to be the accident attorneys that you can lean on and trust during this overwhelming time.

Truck accidents can happen at any time, and on any road in Anchorage. If you have been involved in a truck accident, contact the experienced truck accident lawyers at Kelley & Canterbury today.

Photo Credit: Paul Schadler via Compfight cc